Friday, 11 September 2009

Getting a lot of strange phone calls

Over the past few days I've been getting a bunch of really strange phone calls from some guy claiming to be Glenn Beck, at least that's who I think they are are. In all honesty very little of what they says makes sense.

Some of the calls are theatening, other are congratulating me for something that I allegedly said or did to Glenn Beck. The truth is that even though I know who he is (he's a TV anchor on Fox), I do not watch is show. I do not even have a TV at home any more, so please forgive my lack of knowledge.

According to one of the callers Glenn Beck has been accused of rape and murder. Since I never read anything about this in the news, I suspect that this is not an established fact but some kind of rumour which I have found myself caught up in. It's like something from an Alfred Hitchcock move, except more dull.

None of this explains why these people are trying to call me... since I've never met Glenn Beck nor expressed an interest in his TV show I cannot think what kind of interest either side might have in calling me.

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